The Story

Sayers Research was founded by Kyle Nisbet, a Junior at Wilmington Friends, in May 2020. As Kyle was very interested in finance and investing, he wanted a way for him, and his colleagues to gain more experience in the industry.

Kyle Nisbet knew Rahul Konkimalla from a local Delaware Youth Leadership Network organization, knowing Rahul’s penchant and passion for finance, he asked him to join as an analyst. Our goal is to continue to grow in both reports, and analysts.

Overall, we started this research group so that other students like us who has a passion for finance and research can use both of those skills to gain experience, while also possibly helping others by publishing the research.

I am excited to see what this future holds

Kyle Nisbet, Founder

Partner Organizations

Hopefully more in the future! If interested, please head to the “Contact” page.

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